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Дизайн белой спальниSleep is one of the most important apartment buildings. We're resting here, and we're going to get our strength before the next day. It should therefore be given sufficient attention, taking into account many nuances. Today ' s dreams of decoding the bedrooms and design options that are relevant in 2016 will look at the example of photos of interiors performed in different styles.


Дизайн спальни в эко стилеCurrent trends in colouring are:

  • Neutral tone
  • natural shades
  • colour accents

The 2016 Favorite is white. It's used as a basic tone or as a background for bright color accents. The white colour is universal and suitable for any stylishing, offering the greatest decoration potential. As popular as ever, there's a dangerous tone in the picture. The color palette from cream to brown is relaxing, helping to rest.

Тренд 2016 года - акцент на стену за изголовьем кровати.

People ' s desire for greenness and naturality has increased the popularity of natural materials and shades. In the rest room, it's more than appropriate. Natural materials, calm shades are perfect for the bedroom - they calm down, normalize the emotional state. The Eco-Style bedroom design photo, popular in 2016, displays heat and interiors, decorated natural materials.


ФотообоиFor separation of walls Designers recommend a combination of different materials and flowers. It would be beneficial to underline the geometry of the premises, make diversity in the interior, make it original. The main trend in 2016 is to create an accent wall over the head of the bed. This section of the wall has been chosen unintentionally, in bed, you don't see this wall, so it's a bright, saturated color, because the risk that she's going to irritate you for a while is virtually non-existent. Actual combination not only of contrasting colours, but also of various materials, such as rims and wood panels.

The use of photographic booze is a very popular way of devising the accent wall. The story can be chosen by almost anyone. Actual, modern ideas in 2016 using photographic belts in the bedroom design can be seen in photos.

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