Интересные идеи для оформления стен картинами и фотографиями

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Каким ламинатом пользуются при работе со стенамиTo date, it is not surprising that the laminate can lay not only on the floor but on the wall. The separation in this way may be presented in different versions, the laminate is both horizontal and vertical. Before telling about technology, it is important to consider the correct location of the panels, it is necessary to meet the different types of laminate that are suitable for separation.

What kind of laminates do you use when working with walls?

What laminates do when working with walls.

Отделка стен ламинатом фотоIf you choose to separate the walls with a laminate, the most common kinds of walls are spontaneous panels, click panels and glue laminate.

Nice laminate. It is presented with material that does not have a special castle, and the edges are perfectly normal. The laminate is used on the flat surface and is attached with liquid nails, and it is possible to work with the construction silicone. The holder shall be placed on the inside of the zigzag, after which the laminate shall be placed and attached to the wall. If the glue is out, it has to be wiped out by a pre-shifted rag in a weak Oxus solution. If you're pre-conditioned, the glue laminate can't use the chain, it's gonna be bad, and it's likely that it's just gonna fall apart. Very often glued laminate is used not only for walls, but also for floors.

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Spound laminate. The material is equipped with a special spontaneous castle and put it without an extra sticker to keep the matches dry, then they'll look carefully. On the dry, each punt shall be placed in a carpet like a car, the anchorage shall be made by small nails or brackets, which surface shall be secured. Spunt laminate fits all over the surface, it could be not just the floor and the wall, but also the ceiling.

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