50 вариантов интерьера гостинной - Сундук идей для вашего дома

The Walls In The Living Photo

Modern living room is light and simplicity, functionality and comfort, convenience and external attraction. Actual trends in the construction of the main room in the apartment or in the private house reconcile the minimalist environment with the use of bright furniture, modest decor with the private house. UV materials♪ The combination of natural and artificial lighting allows the use of bright and dark contrasts, giving the premises a special structural and geometry.

The hotel room is relevant trends

In modern design projects, the use of traditional vows and drawings for our compatriots, which have not yet been glued in every second guest of our country, is still less likely to be encountered. Both stitched or relayed liquids may be used to separate the accent wall. But most of the time, there's a common painting of the perfect, flat and smooth surfaces, mostly in the bright tones.

The use of environmentally sound separating materials is becoming increasingly common not only in Europe and the Americas but also in the simplicity of our country. An increasing number of homeowners in the selection of segregated materials draw attention to toxicity indicators, carefully examine the composition and characteristics of raw materials and finished products. Today ' s analogs for natural materials can not only effectively simulate the natural picture and the actual, but also not cause harm to humans and the environment.


The perfect smooth and flat surface of the ceiling is easier to achieve by suspension and tension. They are the most popular form of streaming in modern living rooms. The use of several layers of the suspension ceiling becomes more simplified, complex structures disappear, leaving options that help to zorate the space through local lighting.

The use of wood ceilings is not only relevant in the living rooms located in the countryside. In urban apartments, the ceiling will bring rural life nights into modern design and heat of natural materials (or their good artificial analogs).


The white separation of the living room walls is out of time and fashion. It's the most popular, but, like all the geniuses, it's just a way to process vertical surfaces that will be a great background for any mebble and decor. Not only for small spaces, but also for simple, bright rooms, white colour becomes the basis for creating a light and air image of the family room.

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