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The mirrors are the indispensable attributes of the modern interior, and they have a place in the bathroom, bedroom, room, and sometimes decoration mirrors and mirrors in the frame can also be used to steal the living room or office. We have mirrors from known designers and at reasonable prices. Make sure you buy mirrors that will make your interior individual!

Steel designer mirror is the bright decorative element of the interior

The decorative mirrors are important elements of a home interface that perform not only practical but aesthetic tasks. The mirror every day helps us to see its reflection, but it's not the only use of it: with a mirror, you can visually expand the space, put in aristocratic or stylish modern night. Today, mirrors are swelled into beautiful and original frames, after which they become real works of designer art. The mirror fragment in the form of sun with silver beams or an enriched massive rubber frame from a tree is that it will first attract the attention of your guests and help you underline your own sense of taste and style.

Disiner mirrors on the DG-HOME Internet store

It's the kind of stylish decorative mirrors our Internet store can offer you a wide range. You can buy a mirror of any shape: round, square, rectangular, with frames of different materials, and all models that we've presented will reward you with the perfect quality of manufacture and the affordable price. For you, we have assembled a collection of the most beautiful mirrors in different styles, so we have a model for any inter-referencing solution.

Fixed decorative mirrors

In general, decorative mirrors are placed on the wall, and these elements can be placed in any room, in the living rooms and bedrooms, in the halls and even in the kitchen. Our specialists will help you find the original mirror that will fit into the interior of each room and steal your house. Our catalogue contains design models for which there is room for even exclusive design projects. And if you decide to choose our decorative mirrors, our Internet store will help you make a good choice and a good purchase.