Оформление стен росписью

Art Walls

Obi or paint? This is a matter for everyone who has decided to change the design of the walls in the process of cosmetic or major maintenance of the apartment. But the answer to him could be quite unexpected. Why put yourself in a standard framework if there's an artwork of walls?

And don't rush to think about photo fights. It's a production product, too. The exclusivity of the walls in the apartment is the best way to make the living space fully suited to your inner world. Not to mention that the interior will be guaranteed inexorable.

There are many choices, so it is not difficult to select the desired topics and technicians: it is only necessary to be guided by their own taste and style preferences, as well as the size and shape of the premises.

Speaking of space size. A small room of square metres would be usefully added by a large-scale manoeuvre. This decoration of the walls in the apartment is truly magical. Depending on the chosen plot, you can feel that the room continues to be a long corridor, a hall or even a solar field.

Do you know how to further emphasize the eastern orientation of the interrier or create an atmosphere that reminds the culture of a beloved country? The perfect solution to this situation will be the author ' s trafarite signature.

Walls Trafarers and ornaments can move not only in space but also in time. It's only worth choosing the ornament style of a century.

What about the decorative painting on the walls of your apartment? For example, in the living room like that, not only would it be nice to have an eye, but it's also eloquent to tell the guests that the housekeepers have a taste and a good idea of luxury. However, the creation of a real work of art is not only possible in the living room. Artists of the studio Art Attack It can turn any place in an apartment from a standard to an exclusive, capable of playing, thinking or just a good mood.

There's a special proposal for fans of modern style. To emphasize your attitude to life, to make every morning bright and to celebrate the evening is to decorate the walls in the apartment using graphics.

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