Лепной декор на стенах - Дизайн интерьера квартиры на ул

Decor On Walls

TitleYou're not allowed to drill the walls, but you want to steal them? The Quarterblog provides advice on the carefully decorated walls that are suitable for both offices and swap apartments.

You live in a swap apartment, and strict masters don't let you drill the wall; you often change the decor and move the furniture in your apartment, and because you're afraid to make extra holes in the walls; you want to steal the duck walls in the office something more interesting than the postcards and maps. Anyway, you can't break the walls, but you really want to steal them. We've prepared advice for you that will help transform the tired naked surface without resorting to hammers and drills.

Behind the wall

TitleIf we can't put a nail in the wall, we'll glue the jewels. It's best to use ad hoc stickers, but the labelling of real paintings is a complete task.

Prints. Vinyl stickers are a simple, yet unsuccessful way of updating the wall. Besides, many studios don't just offer ready work, but they also do your sketches. It's a 33 dodo studio where we're ordering our own walls. In a big and varied shop, low prices and simple delivery, all the possibilities to steal all the surfaces in the house.

Decor. A few examples of pleasant non-allasy for walls You can find the Pichshop store. Like, lung butterflies that glue with a two-way scotch.Title Fascinating and unintentionally, including in the sense that a white cover can be removed at any time.

The hook's on the lips. Those who have reinstated their favourite image on the wall are recommended to see this video. Clear, simple and effective.

We're stuck to the wall.

In fact, you don't have to fix the decor directly to the wall, you can just shut it down. The mirror, the molt, the width, the wall can be transformed by many ways.

On the ground mirror. The mirror in the room is always necessary, and on the floor, it looks much fresher and more original. One object and the space is being transformed, and the wall doesn't seem so boring and naked.

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