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Texture Wall

What is the way the walls are painted?

Texture paint can be used on any surface: brick, concrete, tree, hypsocarton, etc. This paint can glue small cracks and irrationalities. There are some of the most common ways to produce textur paint:

  • By spraying or by normal valley, which produces uniform, almost smooth texture;
  • Using twigs, sponges and decorative valleys, the surface of any necessary relay;
  • Artistic techniques that use paints of different shades and objects that create the necessary image (s of trees, mixture of woven paper, marine shells, etc.).

The textur paint of the walls is a very practical type of separation, the walls covered by textur paint can be blured with moistures, and such paints have good passivity.

Basic stages of textur paint

Texture paint is an unlimited fantasy field, and it can create a perfectly unique interior. The appearance of the painted surface depends on the paint composition, the method of application used by the instruments. The walls are painted in such a sequence:

  • Preparation of the base (cleaning, levelling and surface packaging);
  • Grounding for a better adhesion;
  • Colouring of walls using different tools (kisty, valic, pulse);
  • adding the painted surface to the additional lip, decorative calibre, dental spray, etc.

The longest and most steadfast coating is created when the walls are calibrated in a vain. Especially since such a method, the process of overlap is best suited.

Cost of texture wall paint

The paint of the walls requires experience and certain snoring, and the creation of complex textures requires artistic taste. Qualified masters on our website can perform a good textur painting of the walls, given all your preferences. The cost of textur paint may depend on:

  • The way in which the work is performed and the complexity of the work;
  • The need for preparatory work;
  • To paint a few layers;
  • The need to decouple hard-to-reach places ( ceiling, height, etc.).