Стеновые панели – оригинальное оформление стен в квартире

Origin Of Walls

It's real if you show ingenuity. It's possible to transform the comedy by using painted deceptions, boos, old notes... What and how do you glue, paint and hang in a low-budget parish?

Update the floor and ceiling.

Linoleum or rug? The lenoleum on the adhesive basis will help quickly update the field, so that the floor underneath it is flat. Less than a cotton temporal solution is to hide the flaws under a decorative mat with an artificial thieve (it's convenient to wash, and it's going to cost a little less natural).

What's the ceiling? After extensive grounding, it can be glued with vinyl panels (and then painted) or fat vinyl walls that will help hide small irregularities. The glue cannot be saved: the strongest glue will be required to secure the heavy vinyl on the horizontal surface. The color of the walls and the paint for the panels don't necessarily have to be white, the main thing is that they get tone of the walls.

On the wall

3 Obi, there's no means of a brightly liked drawing? Buy one roll and label it with the most visible sheet (mostly across the front door) and the other walls paint one colorful paint in the tone of the drawing.

In the photo:

Use the principle of countervailing, it will help to change the proportion of the premises, to make sense. Optimal combinations: bright, shiny, chrometic.

4 Panelies. Decorated wooden panels are similar in the apartment even with expensive repairs - very rare. Another case is simulation. If the walls are flat, in the lower one third of them, they label polyurethane deposits, simulating the flogs, on the front half of the wall, carnival from the same material. Then all the parts of the “appliation” are painted along with the wall in an elevated colour (usually white or complex cold tone, like serovato blue).

5 Collages. Does the house have an old geography atlas or fixed physical maps? Maybe there's still a bunch of unnecessary notes? Let's get them in the middle of a cage. Such a bulb can be glued with a small part of the wall or, by cutting it horizontally by the Bordeur (cleaning at the end of the works), select only the upper or lower part for experiments.

The wheel on the wall will transform the room. Different technologies can be used for its creation, ranging from posters to graffiti, or combinations.

Discharge walls

6 Two paints. It is possible to have a minor vision in certain trafarite areas: the decoration will exceed the most bold expectations. The dormitories of the apartment in modern style benefit from strips or colour motives in two contrasting paints (white and blue, salad and blue, etc.).

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