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Beautiful Walls

oformlenie-sten-v-kvartire-sposoby-otdelki13Painting is one option. This method is one of the oldest, but it is still very popular. The main difficulty is that it is necessary not only to choose the appropriate colour, but also to correct it. Let's see some important advice that will help answer the question of how beautifully to paint the walls at home.

Look at the nuances.

The word " paint " is such as beauty, it can update the walls in the house and make a new and original place. When selecting the paint for the home, attention should be paid to the characteristics of the material, it should be suitable for internal separation and be fully healthy. It should also be interesting to know how fast the paint will dry and whether it has an unpleasant smell, requires or special skills for application and tools.

At first time, we need to prepare a front for work, and then we need to paint. It should be remembered that one movement and the outer view of the wall could be broken. Let's see how to paint. walls in the house And get a great score.

vodoemulsionye-kraski-3_1Important recommendations:

  • The colouring substance should be equitably and not rushed;
  • First, it is necessary to move vertically, then in the opposite direction;
  • The surface shall be uniform, free from red;
  • Shouldn't use too liquid paint or cover the wall several times;
  • It's easier to paint a large area, but it's better to separate it with not a little fragment.

Following the main recommendations, it is possible to modernize the premises and make its own interior as a photo from the fashion magazines. The paint is a very sensitive piece, so it's better to use professional services, for example, to go to.

Painting of water emulsion paint