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Repair Of The Wall

It is no secret that the walls in apartments (even new) leave much to be desired, let alone geometry in general and angles in particular. Often, a new life in the new apartment starts with repairs and, based on calculations, wall repairs can be described as the largest, as the surface area of all walls is at least twice the area of all ceilings and floors combined. But let it not scare you. In this section, you will find a lot of useful information on how to repair. with your hands, receive step-by-step instructions and thematic photos and videos, as well as professional advice and recommendations from experienced desks.

Options for renovation of walls in the apartment

If the room area allows and if you plan to decorate the walls with thin walls (photophobia or silkography) that require the perfect surface, the best option for the maintenance of the amateur walls will be the installation of the GCL (hypsocarton leaf) on the carcas walls. Hipsocarton's just in the job, cuts perfectly with a knife, followed by a conserver and audible insulation, a wire and cable. The walls, stowed sheets of the ICL, followed by the deposit of the junctions and belts, can be glued with any kind of rims, a stick or stone, just painted.

  • Remove the old walls.
  • The surface of the walls is underground, don't forget the angles.
  • Smash all the visible irregularities with a scapula and a scapula.
  • Slifu the walls and we're going to ground again.
  • We're putting on new vows, according to the instructions.

Why start repairing the walls?

Of course, from the calculation and purchase of necessary materials and tools. Start by entering our website and finding answers to all the questions you're interested in, for example:

  • How to calculate the HCF flow for wall repairs.
  • What kind of stitch would be better for the walls in the room.
  • How to do the decorative thing.