Декоративное дерево: видео-инструкция как сделать своими руками

Decoration Tree On The Wall

The decoration wall panels proposed in the Web-based Machine Assemblies allow the translation of original design decisions and the updating of the house or office interface. Products are highly insidious, represented by various facts and shades. It's light and fast. The material is proposed in a broad line of type-sizer.

Internet store:

PVC decorative panels - glan, mat, singleton and drawing;
:: Decorative panels under tree - based on MDF, soft DDP, probe plates;
:: Decoration panels for water-reactive kitchens;
∙ decoration panels under the rock - natural marble, marble powder and other mountain species.

We regularly update the range so that you can buy the best collections of Russian and foreign producers.


How do you choose decorative panels for walls?

Choose decorative panels for walls, take into account the space, location and illumination of the room and the humidity level. Dumping material may be used in bedrooms and children ' s rooms, and it is highly ecologically secure. The decoration panel for the bathroom or the kitchen shall be selected with a protective radius that improves the moisture characteristics, does not absorb the smells or attract the dust. Plastic panels are decorational. Leaflets should be purchased with a small stock to allow replacement or fragmentation repair. If errors or scratches are allowed in the fitting, the decoration panels for the walls can be easily replaced by others.

The interior decorative panels can be used not only on the walls. They are convenient for the ceilings and punctures and for the restoration of furniture.

BCM service centre will help with repairs

The decorative panels in the interior will be maintained until you decide to order new locator material on the Web site. Why not? We're ready to take care of the delivery and make a great renovation of your apartment or cottage.

Recognition of walls The panels do not require professional tools and special skills. However, in the absence of any repair experience, the installation of decoration panels (plastics, MDFs or probes) is better placed to trust specialists. Go to the service center of the nearest D.O.S. hypermarket and invite a qualified team to the house. We're offering profitable dividing prices.

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