ремонта трехкомнатной квартиры

Repair Options

The manager from Ekaterinburg invented how, with simple design elements, to clean up old houses throughout the country

Draft decision on the model improvement of the entrance of a multi-family home (Foto: " Liga JCH " )

The independent manager (UK) Liga ZKH from Catherineburg is preparing to make publicly available a collection of low-cost design solutions for the improvement of the " Travel Designer " . Thus, the authors plan to create a publicly accessible tool to transform the appearance of public spaces in old model houses, told the BC-Netmobility Director, Liga ZH, Ilya Sotonin.

Liga HCH operates 23 multi-family houses in Ekaterinburg. The company ' s plans also include the market for the public services of Podmoskovia. " It's expensive for every entrance to create a design project, hire a designer. That's why we decided that we need a designer -- a set of model rules, approaches, materials that would make it possible to quickly create beautiful entrances” -- explained the motives of Ilya Sotonin.

“Every person has a comfort zone. For many in Russia, it is confined to the doors of its apartment. The way, the yard is no longer mine, it's a stranger. And I feel that as a stranger, explains the concept of the Ilya Sotonin project. - Maybe a lot of people are willing to change their attitude. But the state of entry prevents it. Iron door, bars, dark staircases, walls written off - such entry is very difficult to recognize (Foto: Liga ZH)

The " Entrance Designer " is scheduled to be made publicly available. " A person may design the entry and assess the possible outcome. It's like a trafarette. It may be placed on any entry, made small adjustments based on the characteristics of the place or the particular house, " followed by Ilya Sotonin.

Model entry of a five-storey multi-family house: before and after Foto: " Liga JCH "

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