Чем отделать стены в квартире

Room Separation

What are the algorithms of cooperation with Ekaterinburg:

  • The employer shall indicate the front of the work and the desired materials of the separation.
  • The company ' s merchandise is moving to the site and is planning the work.
  • The parties shall discuss the services: the purchase of materials, the removal of debris, etc.
  • After all conditions have been agreed, the employer and the client sign the contract
  • Brigade begins work and ends exactly within the contract period
  • Client checks the quality of the finish line and signs the act.

Quality of separation with guarantee

We're doing repairs for citizens of any level of income. To that end, we have a special course with the degree of separation: economies, bonuses, VIP. Such a method does not mean that for those who paid less, separation of walls The room will be inaccurate. The approach to the work is one: everything is strictly GOST and SNIP.

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