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Interior Decorations

Interrior's idea: Axestoires that fit into any style

The holiday, the change of time of the year, the spontaneous desire, the reason for updating the interrier will always be. This can be done without a repair team and serious cash costs through universal decorative elements. Just a few correctly selected parts will make it possible to put a stomatal accent, create a special atmosphere and breathe a new life into normal conditions.

Maps, posters, photos
The traditional way the walls are decorated with pictures and posters is relevant to the interiors of any style. Changing the wallpaper is a simple way to put a point of view in space. Choose a painting or a poster, pick a colorful solution, synonymous with a common colour gamma. The same applies to the style of the work:

For traditional interns, the works of classical art will come.
For a lacony scandinavian space, the marine theme, the motives of the animal and the plant world, the funny writings and works in a spirit of primitiveism.
Minimal black-and-white posters and abstract images will be successful in the Hai-tex interface.
For the popular style, the loft will be matched by sharp writings, retro-platers, pop-art posters and modern art objects.
Marine landscapes and ethnic motives will be successfully added to the relaxed Mediterranean interface.

The memorable photos from your personal archive will come up by the way in any interior style. Modern equipment allows for the printing of high-resolution images on a variety of materials, in any size and format. You can paint the space with a set of miniature family photos inside or a camera across the wall.

It's like the primary decoration function is not a painting, it's a frame. Try to create an interesting contrast, putting a funny poster in a thoughtful frame of the palace barocco.