Это актуально: идеи и декор для интерьера с приставкой «эко

Ideas And Decorations

Lazy ash. It tastes good, it's beautiful, and it's easy to cook.


350-400 gr.mooks,
2 eggs,
100 grams of warm water,
1 St. L. vegetable oil,
cheek of salt

500 pork greas,
300 grams,
2 bulbs

Paprique 1st (small)
1 big bulb,
3-4 tomatoes,
2-3 tooth.
1 hour
salt, peppers, spices, green.

I'll notice that sauce doesn't have to be cooked-- you can barge, as usual, in the water, and then spill the stints or ketchups, or mayonnaises, you can shave the vinegar and put the pepper on.


We've got a flour, eggs, water, oil and salt. Cover a wet towel and keep it for about an hour.

We pass through the meat cut, add salt and pepper.

The beam is small, roast on the vegetable oil, rest, add to the farce, hit the egg and put the porch well.

We're gonna cut a little onion, paprika, and we're gonna burn a little bit.

We'll add the cut pieces to the tomato and cloudy minutes 5.
We're adding glued garlic, cut green, salt, sugar, spices, and we're gonna get boiled and off.

We'll put a table of flour and we'll roll our testo.
We'll put on a test porch and we'll roll in the wheel.

Cut the steering to pieces, about 5 cm wide.
Every bite is gonna be stuck from the end, it's a pink.

We put our " lines " in shape at some distance.

In the vegetable sauce, we'll add a glass of boil and a salt of taste.