Фотографии в интерьере: 8 главных правил настенного декора

Interior Photograph

фотография интерьераPhoto is one of the most beautiful arts, a fairly common, seemingly easy to develop, so it's rare that you don't want to take a camera and start making masters.

However, without the skills, knowledge and photographic experience, time may be wasted, but it may not be possible to obtain photographs of the level that the chief was looking at in the journal and what he expected to see after his own photos, rewriting the source on the computer. And even an " light interrier photograph " would look pathetic if you took a picture later in the sleeve, thinking, " I'm worse than the others " . No worse! We just need to get ready.

You want to understand why your footage doesn't appear on the pages of Elle Decoration? Pay attention to the typical mistakes that starters make when they take pictures of the interior. And use professional advice.

1. Light.
2. Focusa and the exhibit.
3. An inspection.

итерьерная фотографияThe photographer often questions whether to use a studio light. And if you use it, which one? Usually, the interior and lighting are inextricably linked and any interference in the form of an additional light source may be unnecessary.

He's getting alien.Цвет на улице синий, а в помещении желтый из-за разницы цветовых температур солнца и осветителей. But, on the other hand, the interior lighting is a human perception, and photo cameras may not be sufficient, dark corners and failures will occur. A man can look at the chandelier, consider her details and then translate his eyes and keep the floor quietly. The human eye is adapting pretty quickly. And the camera just won't hold out the same footage, so it's worth having a flash in its arsenal to light something sometimes.

Don't forget that the halogen lights that love the use of designers are very pleasant to the eyes, have warm lights, but they're not compatible with flash. The flash has a colour temperature of 5,500 K, and filament lamps often reach 3,000 K.фотография комнаты на южной стороне If the lights are mixed with a studio or a cable flashing with filament lamps, the objects will acquire a blue shade.

If your space is illuminated by natural light, big windows and filming are kept by day, stody impulses are the best friend of the sunlight and their use is recommended. Because the lighting from the window is bright, but very contrasting, the room will necessarily have dark corners.

интерьерная съемка фотография интерьера интерьерная съемка фотография помещения

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