Оформление стены фотографиями - креативные решения | Интерьерные

Photographs On The Wall


Storage photos in the orgast using Diasec plastics technology - plastics, boilers, photopanno, photoplate, photocopy.

Glass photos are a modular trend in modern interior design. The red image combined with the glass or a transparent plastic looks great, attracts attention and attracts the view with its deep colour, is amazing the volume, unusual reflections and fractures of the light. New terms and concepts such as photoplastics, photopanno, photos glass, glasspanel, skinals have already entered the instrumentary for successful designers and are rapidly gaining popularity.

Order online
Poster orders are available online through the user ' s office (authorization required).


Value: 1m2 rubles Target date: 5 working days.
Material Thickness
Akrill 3 mm 5 mm
10695 11673
Clothing dibond 3 mm acryl 2 mm
3850 4000
* Order 0, 24 m2. Prices are not valued.

Standard formats*

Value: 1st roubles. Target date: 5 working days.
Format Acryl 3 mm 5 mm
Пластификация. Фото под стеклом.20x30 2369 2519
24x30 2843 3021
30x30 3554 3776
30x40 3843 4084
30x45 3890 4134
30x60 4419 4696
40x50 4665 4956
♪ The price doesn't include fortresses. The closing layer is dibond 3 mm.

Stairs for posters on a solid basis / plastics

Cost: in rubles.
Type of anchorage Method of attachment / Value
Point anchorages
(for kit)
Spocket suspension Closed suspension plate Remote holder 20 mm Remote holder 35 mm 1-st The table acrylic foot is small.
90 390 630 715 75 100/130
Perimeter crests
Chassis 45 mm
Sixteen mm,
Clubber plug
950 580 850

Plastication technology

There are a few modern technologies for photos on glass or under glass. The Votolab Laboratory, using its own production resources, offers several different versions of photopanel manufacturing, but the most popular and relevant way today is " plastic " . It's gonna be more detailed.

As a matter of fact, plastic refers to finishing operations, i.e. to work that gives your images a stylish, complete view, turning photographs into interior and decor items.

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