Услуги оформления помещений фотографиями! Широкоформатная печать

Photography Room

This section collects pictures of bathrooms from the projects of the best Russian architects and designers. You can either click on the photos and watch all the pictures in a row or get the sorting through the filter system. In the left column, press the word " Steel " and select the bathroom designs in modern, classical or other style. Clicking on "Object" in the same menu, you'll be able to take pictures of the bathroom design only in the apartment or just in the country house, etc. If you're interested in ready-to-projects, use the 3D/Photomka menu. The leading Russian pictures took out the most beautiful bathrooms for you.
The tub photo gallery, presented in the section, will allow you to create a full picture of modern trends, to choose a bathroom. rooms for at home and find a professional who will create a bathroom for you. It works like that. When you click on a picture, you'll have a picture of the bathroom interior. There's an architect or company name on the left. Once you hit him, you'll be on the author's page, you'll find out his contacts, and then you'll see his other work, including the best bathroom designs.