12 способов оформления фотографий • НОВОСТИ В ФОТОГРАФИЯХ

Photographs At Home

The paintings have been used to decorate the interior for a very long time, so it is already considered to be quite traditional and, at the same time, it is not irrelevant to steal our modern houses and apartments. Bring some freshness and redecorate the interior will help. The advantage of this decor is that you can choose any story and form: your own photos, the posters of the show business stars, modular pictures. Any genre can also be chosen: classic, surrealism or abstraction.

Printed images of great artists

Do you like classics? Then, of course, you'll like the paintings on the canvas, which portray the reproduction of famous artists. The main feature of modern technology is the opportunity to bring the picture as close as possible to the original. This is possible by using a professional photographer with a unique 11-coloured system.

Печать на холсте для оформления интерьера домаThe production of images at the canvas, the reproducing of paintings of great masters, uses special technology to approach the original. It's a textur gel that's attached over the painting, so that it's simulated by the stick. The use of the gel, after drying, makes the printed chool a great similarity to the real painting. In order for the image to be fully completed, a frame that is consistent with the style and colour gamma of the painting is carefully selected.

Printing photos on the canvas.

A great gift to a beloved person or friend will be a photo of a large size in a full picture. You can order pictures on the canvass for your own home. The wedding photographs, the best picture of your leave or the memorable images that are special to you can be a complete picture.

If the finished product is printed in a high quality, it requires photographs in a good permit. They're growing up to the right size, printed in a photo printer, in kind of a lunatic.