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Renovation Of The Dormitory Room

Yudu's collaborators are doing the professional repair of the rooms at the dormitory in Voronje. On your website youdo.com, you'll find professionals in a field that can quickly handle any complex repairs. If your dormitory room needs a low-cost room, order it with Udu's service, and the masters registered on the website will do it as qualitatively as possible.

Types of repairs

First, the masters registered on the site will come to the dormitory and see your room. On the basis of your wishes and her condition, Udu specialists will determine the necessary repairs. They have a lot of experience in the renovation of dormitories because they will make the necessary calculations quickly and qualitatively.

Executives offering their services on the site can make major or cosmetical repairs. For example, if a small room is in a normal state, but it seems dark and boring, the problem will be solved by experienced designers who will develop an individual project for a particular room.

On the Yudu website, you will find professionals who will develop an original interior project or adapt one of the designs to a small space. Qualified dignitaries carry out any project in a qualitative manner, carrying out space repairs as qualitatively as possible.

If the room is close or uncomfortable, the design project will contain a redesign. Yudu ' s collaborators will perform the necessary work so that, after the renovation of the dormitories, they will be comfortable. Specialists work with a variety of premises, some of which do not exceed 12 square metres.

Maintenance phases

If you need services renovation of dormitories With rescheduled works, a master registered with Udu, the first thing to do is dismantle. They include the demolition of walls and intercommunity partitions, the dismantling of doors, the stacking of swaps, and the installation of new bulkheads, bricks, foams.

Often, in old dormitories, the wire is in emergency condition. Udou ' s performers will perform electrical installation, after which the use of domestic appliances will be much safer. On the website, you will find experienced electricity that will:

  • Walls under wire
  • installation of new electrical connections
  • Installation of individual or household enumerators, power boards, switches and pinks
  • Installation of lighting devices
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