Как декорировать кухню?

Like Decorating The Kitchen

What's good for classics isn't always going to be good for a hy-tex style. How do you find practical and decorative axes that will steal your kitchen? We decorate the kitchen with our hands, following the boards of the art director of the design victory studio.

In the photo:

The kitchen is in every apartment. And no matter how important it is for us to build a bedroom, a baby, a bathroom or other room in the apartment, in the kitchen, we (especially women) have a lot of time.

The kitchens have different styles, flowers and configurations. And the kitchen in every style should be specially decorated. We often don't think about what kind of decor is to find what color. But one way or another, he'll be on our kitchens.

What do you think?

The decor includes not only curtains on windows, pillows on chairs, bolts or elephants. It's also a beautiful dishes and pots. That's why you can do the food decor with your hands. Each style will be more suited to a certain decor, certain dining devices. There's a lot of thinness in the decor, just like the furniture and the cutting.

Decisions for different styles

For example, if your kitchen is in a modern classic style, there's gonna be a great sight of light porter curtains, beautiful scathing on the table, fine tissue napkins. The table may be stained with golden cinema plates, and the canteens may repeat the dishes. Also, for the depleted table, there will be room for vases with flowers and pancakes - simple with your hands.

English style very close to classics. Here, we can place a beautiful tea survivor on the open. It is particularly pleasant to have expensive guests tea from such a service.