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How To Steal A Wall In The Kitchen

In general, the decor of its own apartment is a rather pleasant exercise if there is room and heat to be added, for example, to the kitchen. We'll discuss how it's unusual to steal the wall in the kitchen around the dining table without spending a lot of money and time.


(2) Pleasure horizontal lines. This idea will help transform both a small kitchen and an impressive size. It should be remembered, however, that such an option would not be appropriate for all inter-referencing. So, horizontal and floating lines can paint the interior in classical style, modern, probe and others.

(3) It is possible that the wall be decorated not only by a certain object of the interior or by a decor, but by colouring it in contrast, by creating an appropriate panic. Naturally, it could be photoboos, and a scream on the wall, another. It is important that such a decore transform the interior of the kitchen and increase the space visually.

(4) Use in the kitchen Beautiful and unusual plates will allow your interior to be modern and stylish without substantial costs. It's also possible to use the wall to decorate the decorative plates that go with a beautiful signature. Trust me, this decision will become a raisin of any kitchen, and a small room will add cozy.

(5) Usually, it's nice to form a wall in the kitchen using mirrors. In addition, this decoration option will provide an opportunity to increase the area of small kitchens in a visible manner. However, it's not comforting for every person to scrutinize the mirror, because we're suggesting a mirror image.

(6) In the event that you still wish to decorate the wall around the table in the kitchen, a suitable style must be obtained in advance. For example, for techno-based kitchens, pictures can be used with a beautiful urban landscape, as well as simple niche that goes with soft light.

(7) Chinese style may also be used to decorate the free wall. Try using a pano here that will draw China's mountain landscape. It's good to complete this kind of steep direction.