Отделка стен на даче. Чем отделать стены на даче

Separate Material For Walls

Выбор отделочного материала для стен кухниThe repair of the kitchen, the most popular place in the house, requires a particularly careful approach to the choice of materials. It is important to take into account the specificity of the space when it is not enough to find a colour-counsed division. Increased humidity, potential contamination, temperature overturns dict their requirements for materials used.

It is known that the most important thing in the kitchen is the walls of our culinary endeavours. Therefore, in anticipation of repairs, it is necessary to select a separation for walls with a high degree of moisture and wear.Облицовка керамической плиткой It shall smoothly carry the conditions of operation of the premises without losing technical and decorative properties. With an aesthetic appearance, the material must successfully counteract the aggressive environment in the form of humidity and temperature, vapour, hot water spray and fat. However, simplicity and hygiene are important. We need to choose the material that doesn't feed the contamination. They shall be removed from the surface without problems.

Отделка кухниWe'll see both the most demanded and well-known and relatively new material for secession. kitchen walls


The two of us are quite an appropriate cuisine, but of course not paper. Vinyl, fluselin, paint or glass loop. An important criterion of choice is passivity, i.e. constant humidity contributes to the appearance of mushrooms on the side. It is also recommended that high-density materials be acquired.
For the kitchens, good cleaning vinegars, vinyl or oupplex with latex coating, moisture. Contamination by the latter makes a protective, transparent plastic film. They can be wiped with a wet lip. Some 20 such " cleaning " material will survive without losing external attractiveness.