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Kitchen Walls

Материалы для оформления стен кухниThe way the kitchen looks in our house depends on the mood and comfort of staying in it. This is where we spend most of our time at home. It's a place where you sit so comfortable with an interesting book, talk to your friends or meet the whole family for a Sunday tramp. And that trape must be made here, too. That's why this room should be comfortable, comfortable, but at the same time, it's styled and beautiful.

Оформление стен кухниWhen planning for its repairs and interior, it should be determined whether it will be separate, closed or combined with the living room or the dining room. The general interface and the choice of materials, including for this purpose, depend on this. in the kitchen♪ In modern design, there are three main types of facilities:

  • labour. This room is used exclusively for cooking. Recently, in large apartments or suburban houses, the kitchen is only a functional place, and breakfasts, lunches and dinners of family members in the canteens;
  • combined. This option involves two designated areas in the same room, a working and luncheon, with a table and chairs or a cozy corner;
  • The kitchen, combined with the dining room. This decision is becoming increasingly popular. Both spaces may be open and closed sliding doors or panels.

The selected design and type of kitchen space depend on the acquisition of furniture and construction materials for separation. To date, there are many materials and ideas for repair and design. The different surfaces from the natural tree or stone, the hinged ceilings of different designs and the original lighting, all of which will help create an inexorable interior interior of the space. But it's important to design walls in the kitchen, which can be seen in catalogues.