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Kitchen Repairs

The furniture room should be cleaned, the old surface should be carefully removed from the walls, floors and ceilings, the washing, the stove, the pipes, the windows, the word, all the things to be replaced.

Once the old pipes have been removed, new installation should begin. It's best to stop your choice on metal plates or schematic polypropylene tubes. In order to save space, we hide pipes in walls that are pre-stroke. Only a shut-off shall be retained in easily accessible locations. It's just to know exactly where to fix the washing and run the sewage and pipes, we order the furniture in advance.

Electrical connections may be installed in parallel with sanitary works. Here, our main challenge is the literate location of pinks: they must be easily accessible and sufficient. Since the kitchen is a high humidity space, the non-exhaustive installation of the OC (protection decommissioning devices) will be an integral part. When the gas stove is replaced with electrical connections, a separate cable, at least six sections and land it, shall be installed from the intake wiring.
It is not recommended that the gas stove be connected on its own, that the case should be trusted by gas specialists.

After the removal of the old surface, walls, floors and ceilings should be carefully calibrated and only then should new materials be removed.
The ceiling. The best solution for separating the ceilings in the kitchen is the bulk ceilings that are easy to follow. However, if you wish, you can mount a foot ceiling and a ceiling to paint.
Walls. Wall separation In the kitchen, two different materials are usually used. For the work area, the best option is the laying of the stove, the remaining part of the walls can be glued with mosquitoes. Raising the space of a small kitchen makes it possible to put the stove on the diagonals.
Paul. For the kitchen floor, a ceramic stove is the best suit, resisting to the truth and the loads and simple care. In addition, the installation of the warm floor can be performed. The warm-up in the kitchen is done directly on the stretch, and it is already covered with a stove.

The right extraction will rid the kitchen of numerous smells and preserve the walls and ceilings clean.
At present there are three types of extracts:

  • Wood
  • suspension
  • mobile

When selecting the extract, particular attention should be paid to the power, the number of motors, the availability of clean filters.

Final phase, which better trust professional staff.

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