Тренинг: Рисунок интерьера

Rice Interview

The Salon du dessin, the largest graphic fair, went in spring in Paris. This year, Salon Rice is a jubilee exhibition for 25 years. 39 exponents showed a schedule (more than 1,000 sketches) for four centuries. As an honorary guest, for the first time, a foreign museum was invited, a unique exhibition in the Salon Ricuna presented to the A. S. Pushkin GMI. More than 20 masterpieces have arrived in Paris from Moscow: Parmijanino, Giorgio de Kiriko, Jean-Batist Pater, plus Russian names: Alexander Deineca, Alexander Kuprin, Leon Baxt, Alexander Rochenko, Alexandre Benois, Zinaid Serebrakov. Since 2010, Drawing Prize Daniel " Florance Guerlain " , the Drawing Prize of the Daniel and Florence Guerlen Foundation (Fondation d’Art Contemporain Daniel " Florance Guerlain).

The salon of the drawing is the highest selection of the exhibits. Among his visitors, not only famous collectors, artlavers and dealers, but museums and specialists from leading museums in the world. Therefore, the prices of 1 million euros are not rare but annual trends. In 2016, the most expensive drawings were displayed by the Zurich gallery Art Cuéllar-Nathan, the rare work of Pierre Bonnar, performed in Guashi, pastors and a coloured pencil. The price of La baignoire was Euro1,2 million. The figure is the angle of Vincent Van Gogh (three figures in the garden, 1882) - Euro1, 05 million and Silhouettes standing sculptor Henry Moore (1940) - Euro600,000.

Galerie Eric Gillis Fine Art made the rate of nightmares and visions (Gusta Dore - Euro16,000). Robert Matherwell's small drawing was sold for 80,000 euros, Eduardo Chillida Euro14,000, Tullus-Lotrek 18,000. Attention was drawn to the paintings of Gustave Climta and the aquareli of Paola Rego (Marlborough Gallery). Dealers Damien Boquet Art proposed Study of a Head- Letter to Michael Nelson Lucien Freud for Euro95,000. The Dramatic " Oblako " of the Belgian painter Leon Spillart (Léon Spilliaert, 1881-1946) was estimated at Euro270,000 (Galery Eric Gillis Fine Art).

P. Rego. I'm tired of everything, squirrel, paper. Marlborough.