Роспись стен в детском саду ДОУ дизайн и оформление помещений

Violation Of Walls In Kindergarten Photos

The playgrounds in the senior and preparatory groups should be sufficiently simple, so the furniture is recommended to be perimetered. The obligatory element is room plants, their choices and accommodation must be in harmony with the general layout.

The foundation for the design of children ' s rooms is the creation of a special micropeace, which would give children interest.

This is achieved by establishing functional areas:

  • Games;
  • Workplace;
  • cafeteria;
  • bedrooms.
  1. The gardener doesn't have to remind a formal institution. Make rooms comfortable can help big soft toys, light bright curtains, couched pillows.
  2. Children ' s furniture must be strong enough, as it is subject to particularly rapid identification. Interriers and furniture should have the right dimensions and heights, chosen according to the growth of children in the group.
  3. Furniture shall be placed in such a way that there is sufficient room for games and charging.
  4. The premises should include play islands with toys, business materials, pencils, albums and mobile furniture. Such zones require a bright design.
  5. Another important component of the interior is a variety of pictures displayed on walls and portraying characters of cartoons and animals. They'll create a fun, comfortable environment.
  6. Look at the corner of the project where children ' s drawings and dresses will be located. At the same time, parents must have access to them, they must see what they're creating. with your hands. their baby. Place the exhibition corner at such height that children can easily take jobs and put them back.

The characteristics of different areas in the group

The childbearing rooms should be saturated by different tones so that there is no clear contrast.