Нанесение декоративной штукатурки своими руками: видео, фото

Separating The Walls Of The Decorative Photo

Вариативность основы - одно из преимуществ декоративной штукатуркиThe actual thingy is an attractive and longer-term alternative to traditional and more common walls for us both.


Its popularity is due to a number of factors:

  • The variability of the base - the actual thingy can be based on practically any basis - hyposocarton, brick, concrete, wood, penometer and even some metal surfaces
  • Simplicity, convenience and universality of application, a de facto factory can be created with minimum construction skills
  • Aesteticity - in its composition, the actual thingy has special additives to form an unusual and attractive surface. The decoration unit can be performed in any colour, simulating various materials: stone, skin, paper, metal, etc.
  • Durability and strength - the surface obtained is resistant to mechanical effects and retains its properties at elevated humidity and temperature changes. If the technology is accurate (provision of the wall, grounding, correct application) the actual equipment over the life of the operation is much higher than the wall and can compete with a stone or café
  • sound-, hydro- and thermal insulation-- the thing doesn't absorb the smells, it's good. Some mixture stamps may be used as a conveniencer or additional sound insulation material
Фактурную штукатурку можно наносить практически на любые виды основ
  • Safety is, in most cases, a tactical, clean and antistatic coating from natural materials. It is steadfast in the formation of mushrooms and fires
  • ease of withdrawal is easy to clear the surface from pollution and dust, without losing the attractiveness and aestheticity of the appearance.

Decoration unit with your hands: Main steps

It'll be necessary for work: a set of different scapegoats, terrace, tiger, angular spine, smoothie, level, suspension, rule.

Preparation of the wall

Для нанесения фактурной штукатурки нужен лишь самый минимальный набор навыковThe place on which the device will be attached shall be carefully protected against the residues of the previous coating, the rims, the paints, the residues of the thing. Deteriorated areas are removed, cheeks and cracks. The different configuration requires different degrees of surface equating, for example, a practically perfect surface will be required. It's linked to the fact that equating will require a lot of very expensive things. Then the surface is grounded and dry.

Работа с декоративной штукатуркой доставит Вам удовольствие и совсем не затруднит Фактурная штукатурка открывает доступ к большому количеству дизайнерских ходов оформления интерьера Цвет и фактура на любой вкус Декоративная фактурная штукатурка не может не обратить на себя внимания