стены фотографиями и

Decoration Of The Wall With Photographs

Яркие разноцветные семейные фотографии на стене в столовойThe first photograph was taken in a far-reaching 1822 by French Nielts. It could be said that he started the era of interior photographs. Small and large, square and rectangular, composing and individual fragments, pictures of our lives bring warm memories and a special, cozy atmosphere into the house.


All geniuses are just

It's okay if you don't know or decide how to put them on the wall. We'll tell and teach how to turn the wall into pictures.

The first and simple thing is to put a picture in the frame and put it on the wall. But it's our job to finally get the original decor, which is organically in the interior of the room. What do we have? Photos, frames and walls. What do we want? The idea of accommodation. Let's do it.

Черно-белые и цветные фото на стене в гостинойThe photo can be increased or reduced. With new technologies, the picture is easily turned into a bright, original. You want to make a composer, pick up the photos in size. Smart pictures, symmetrical or strictly parallel to each other. Hang one, but a big picture, or some of the same size in a row.

Council! CDo a preliminary sketch of your paper version. It'll make it easier for you to figure out a combination of pictures on the wall.

Оригинальные крепления для снимков - брючные тремпели

Where and how to place pictures

If there's anything on the wall, play his pictures. Like a watch. Set a framework in such a sequence, big at 12, 3, 6 and 9 hours, small on the other numbers, or vice versa, and hang them around the clock.

- also a great object for the pictures.

What time do you love? Photos can be drawn from spring or autumn. Choose those pictures where your favorite time of the year has been taken, combine them with a common plan. The size of the wallpaper depends only on your wishes.

Photo is a story, an event, an emotion. You have a child, and you sealed his growth? Great. We'll make a picture of a panno-leans on the wall, where every step is your baby's life year. That's where he took the first steps, and the one that went to high school.

Very often there are wedding photos on the wall. Suddenly you still have wedding photos of grandparents, moms and dad. Add your wedding photos to them, and your family's history photos will be made with the happiest moments.

Take your time, pick up the plots corresponding to the rooms where it's gonna be bigger.We have pictures, and then any room will play new paints, and the work done will give you a good mood for years.

Симметрично расположенные снимки на стене При оформлении стены - почему бы не выйти за рамки? Снимки в рамках не обязательно вешать на стену - их можно расставить на полу Вместо четвертой фото - первая буква имени вашего ребенка