Декор стен на кухне (42 фото), декоративная отделка, как

Kitchen Walls Decorated

Оформление стен на кухнеIn this article, you'll find dozens of walls in the kitchen. In order to create a stylish and non-repetitive interior, it is not necessary to repair or buy expensive design furniture - it's just enough to steal the room properly. Many things you can do on your own, and you won't need professional assistance from professional staff. You might be able to steal the walls in the kitchen. Let's decide together!

Kitchen wall division: requirements and practical recommendations

The kitchen is one of the most difficult premises. Choice wall separation materials limited not only to the wishes of the owners, but also to basic requirements performance characteristics♪ The owners understand that even the most powerful extraction does not guarantee 100 per cent of the lack of culinary evaporatives and coppers. In addition, domestic flood statistics confirm the increased risk of such an emergency in the kitchen. This defines the list of requirements for separate materials used in the decoration of the walls in this room:

  • Resistance to moisture and vapour;
  • foam treatment;
  • Dirty.

The list of wishes for the same material is much higher:

  • Long life;
  • Original and aesthetic appearance;
  • Practicality;
  • variability;
  • The combination;
  • affordable.

Based on these requirements, the most practical materials used to separate walls in the kitchen are:

  • Moving vows;
  • cage;
  • decoration unit;
  • plastic panels;
  • A stove of different species.

Wall separation options

In the following paragraphs, you will find ideas for the walls in the kitchen, advice from our experts and ideas to make the kitchen interface as original as possible, using hand-held tools.

So-called “fartuk”i.e. the section of the wall in the kitchen along the washing and the barrel surface is separated by a more persistent material. Optimal cafeteria and plastics that do not pass water and employees for a long time, even under daily rubber. Fartuk can serve as a special decoration of the kitchen wall, so he needs to be given special care. Of course, if your apron needs decoration, it can be painted by a railing with kitchen appliances or flowers.

Открытые полки на кухне Красивое оформление стен

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