Декор стен обоями своими руками фото и фото крутого дизайна после

Walls Decorated

It's about to start a new year's fus, which means it's time to think about the holiday interior. Sometimes it's enough to paint the windows with snowflakes, and the walls and furniture to decorate a colorful urine. If there is a need for global change, and the situation in the house must be truly solemn, then we should look at the ideas that will make the interior of the holiday and representative.

1. Disorders

Frostlights on the margins

It's not hard to update the bedroom in front of New Year. You can pick one of the walls and make it accent. That would require beautiful waxes, for example, with an abstract drawing that resembles freezers. In order for the interior of the bedroom to be warm and not to change in the warm time of the year, it is important to garner the colours of the ivory with the overflowing golden patter.

2. Shik and glazing

New Year Axes

For the atmosphere to be truly celebratory, we need to make sure that the interior has a brilliant and transfusing accessories. It could be candles, candlelights, vases, miniature angels or symbols of the coming year. There may be both sides, especially their glimpse will be visible at night and in private lighting.

3. Gold

Interior gold

The gold in the interior always looks solemn and rich. It must not be much, it must be supported by accessories and balanced by black or refugee colour. Even if there's no golden interior in the interior, the situation can be corrected with aerosol paint, for example, covered with a small shell.

4. Barhat

Interior Barhat

During this season, the modelers of known fashion houses were actively using barhat in their collections. He has become the leaders of the most popular materials not only in the fashion industry, but also in the design of the interior. And that's perfectly justified, because the velvet looks very presently and capable of making any space luxury. For the living room, a couch or chair with such a vinegar can be selected, and Smash the bedroom. A reef bedroom set of barhat. The glorious effect can be enhanced by golden decorative pillows, thieves with a low olive, vomits with dams and glow decore.

Bedroom interface