Отделка стен на кухне (51 фото): как отделать своими руками, виды

Kitchen Wall Division

Красивая отделка стен на кухнеThe walls in the kitchen are responsible. The space is difficult from the point of view of the atmospheric characteristics: the vapours, the gar, the vagina, the temperature variations are common. And all this affects the separatist material. I mean, in the interior, it's not just practical, but beautiful.

Art stone for the separation of walls

The stones on the kitchen walls are interesting. Especially since there are many options to be found here: the complete marking of the walls, the separate wall or parts thereof, the whole work area, or only, the arks, etc. It's a very good artificial stone to set up zones in a simple kitchen connected to the dining room.

The variety of material gives a great degree of manoeuvrability in the creation of an interface: in any style, many options are possible for any furniture. The kitchen with the stone strip can be light, light, modern, or carry a nuisance, old. No wonder the stone was always, and at all times they were segregated by kitchen facilities. For it is solid, reliable, practical.

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