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Decoration Of Photographic Framework

The picture frame of your own hands can be a great solution if you don't know what to give on your birthday or another holiday. In addition, any person would benefit from such a picture, because in today ' s life, pictures accompany us everywhere, both at home and in the workplace. Let's talk about, How to make a framework with your hands for the photo. and how to steal it from the decor.

It is most common to make a picture frame for carton photographs, and such a process will certainly benefit children who will be happy to participate in it and will be able to make different elements to steal the picture.

A photo frame is a fantasy field, because a variety of materials and techniques can be used. The simplest thing is paint. I picked a bright color, and the gift is ready. If you want something more complicated and beautiful, you can use the decorations. That would require three-layer, disgraceed paper napkins, ad hoc glue and lac.

Carefully cutting off the top layer and separating the frame. It could be an ornament on one side or the whole frame. With all the drawings on it, they leave the frame to dry. After that, she's covered with a layer of lac.
The carton photo is generally produced by a monolithic design, as it consists of a direct frame and arse that, after decoration, is glued along the perimeter with a photograph inside. If you take pictures of the frame in this way, you can't use a heavy decor, like cancers or stones. Light blades, shoelaces, ribbons and belts will be sufficient. We can also use decoupling.

The picture frames of their own hands have a clear advantage, their shape and size can be chosen by their will. The frame can be asymmetrical, with different shapes, such as hearts, flower, etc. Fantasia and experiments are welcome.

By deciding to make a decorated photography frame, you can use everything that's gonna end up in your hand. It's possible to bleed, bush, biser, ribbons, painted with flowers, shells, stones, and even pieces of tree toys. The point is to find the right glue and to give the will of your creative nature.