Продаю Креативное оформление стен в Москве - Барахолка Бебиблога

Retrofit Of Walls

Декор стен обоямиThe building of a cozy house-based warm atmosphere in the house helps not only expensive sewing materials and exclusive furniture, but also the unusual layout of walls performed with their hands. There are several ways that can be taken by all those who wish to take advantage of an unusual decoration for the walls, capable of enjoying their eyes for a long time, or of trying to do something light, removable, unstable, but manual.

Obis as a decor.

To solve the problem identified, everyone will be able to deal differently. If there is a desire to create an exclusive interface without involving a professional designer and to carry out the decoration of the walls with their hands, it will be necessary to include fantasy and realise its possibilities. When the processing process coincides with major repairs, the simplest way to steal the walls is to use different walls.

We can find companion rolls that are very good at each other. By combining factures and colours, it is not difficult to distinguish functional areas and to make other styles.Фрески на стене Simple decoration of walls by the walls is a remarkable result if the colour gamma of rolls is clicked with the coloured textile palette or with the oven of furniture.

Photographs and frescos are possible decorations

A bright and retractive look helps to shape a photopanno, another " stationary " decoration on the wall. Photo or art fresca fits well into any interior to help implement thematic ideas. Typically, the photo prints only stick to the wall, becoming a bright accent in the interior.

Трафареты на стенеActual separation materials and trafares

A defective brick, a galc, a colour mosaic may also be used to create an original piece of the flat surface. It is not difficult for them to simultaneously decorate the wall and cover minor surface defects.

To make the actual surface with their hands, there is no need for special construction skills and skills. It's enough to examine the videotape on which the master class is sealed. By adding special strings in the form of perlamutums, shiny lac, painting pigments, you can be experimented with perfection. We can get ready trafarets and the surfaces of the actual thingy to carry a stamped signature. Such decoration with your hands It'll bring a lot of positive emotions. The result would be welcome and proud.

Окрашенные стены Фотогаллерея на стене Живые стены Декор стен зеркалами

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