Стена с картинами в гостинной

Sensitization Of Walls With Photographs By Posters

Principal error When the painting is disbanded, it is that in most cases we place it on the wall too high. Remember that the museum standard is 152 cm from floor to floor mid-point Half (Europe also frequently uses 160 cm). This is due to the fact that the paintings should be placed in such a way as to make them comfortable (in museums it is accepted to be standing). In fact, almost always the rule is perfect: the lower the position you will normally consider the paintings, the less the distance between the floor and the horizontal axis relative to which the dispensation occurs. Don't be afraid, put the paintings below normal, for example, leaving only a little space between the back of the couch and the bottom of the painting!

In the picture on the left, the formation of a square group on the right is based on mutual harmony.

Bring together pictures, posters, pictures in groups based on their style or meaningful community. While in some cases it is possible to play counterparts by introducing elements of the environment.

Frequently, small-scale work has been developed around the larger size and artistic value of a pound (photograph or poster).

Our Euroremont gallery has a large number of photographs containing examples of stylish paintings and posters.

It may be interesting to see that smaller jobs are located in one row and at the same distance from one another, and that the main and larger work is placed just outside the group, but subject to the same horizontal guide.

In the picture on the left, the composite is based on the principle of fae (at the centre of the main picture) to the right on the principle of mixing shapes and dimensions.

Take your time straight. wall paintings♪ For starters, they can be cut off from a regular paper exactly as size. Freely and without harm, move these maquitas on the wall, componing the perfect composion. Once the desired result has been achieved, we can boldly climb the hammer and the hammers.

In most cases, openings in the wall can be avoided today. Bagette shops can purchase special three-size hooks that are attached to the wall with metal needles in the hat. The length of such needles is no greater than the layer of the rig, so it's only a few hammer strikes. In addition, such needles are so thin that, after the dismantling of such anchorages, there remain little visible openings on the wall.

What principle do museums choose polten frames? If the old half suddenly turned out to be without a frame, then we're looking for something similar to what the painting was about before. There are special historical collections of the frame. If there is no necessary copy, museums or private collectors usually order a line. In other cases, the selection of the frame always conforms to the style and historical period in which it was established. The Gollands take black frames without search; if this is a picture of the era of the barocco, the frame will be with gravy and gold. In modern art, the frame usually has a part of the artist's work, so the museums don't have to think about the frame.

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