Обзор наиболее популярных материалов для отделки стен в квартире

Wall Processing Options

Buathers, pies, stone vibes and fresca... What else do you have to focus on entering the apartment? We're studying five scenarios that will help radically change the appearance of the parish.

In the photo:

The stone has to be used very carefully: give them only a small section of the wall or some architectural element. But in no case, not all the walls, otherwise the parish will look like a cave.

The walls in the halls are subject to high loads, so it is better to select materials with good wear: paints resistant to hysteria and moisture effects, voyages, decorations that form coatings that are resistant to splinters. Otherwise, the decor ' s choice is dictated by the law of optical perception and the style chosen.

1 Decorative Stone

One or two " parallel " walls of the comrades, where only small items of furniture (bank, table console) would be located, or would not distract attention from the beauty of the decoration materials.

In the photo: Marmi Giza stove of the Lithos Design factory.

Where and how? The growing popularity of the “environmental theme” has made a decoration stone in the interior, as well as its simulation, extremely popular. But don't rush to lick all the vertical surfaces of the similar material: the stone is a very active separation element. Where and how to have the decorative stone in the interior of the halls depends on the specific space and rock breed.

Coal and design. The actual decoration stone in the interrier is the most winning part of the active parts of the composite, so they need to bludgeon the g-shaping angle of the parlorian. Such a subdivision would highlight the constructive elements and give the space a few vibrant expressions.

Stone " circulation " . The slack of a ston with a stunning texture (e.g. from an onxa) placed in a sheet opposite the front door and equipped with an inner lighting will be the real air of the program and will act as a dress lighter during the dark day.

Onx is famous for missing light. Through the built-in lighting of the panel from this half-prime stone, it's like a magical candle.

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