Бабочки на стене - декор своими руками, украшение, 87 фото

Labelling Of The Wall

There are many ways to steal walls. One of the most effective of them is the walls being demolished in bulk. Like butterflies. We need to cut the templates of different shapes and sizes. Then pick up an interesting gamma of shades and start doing it. By cutting butterflies, we need to put them in half. To the base of the butterfly, stick a piece of bilateral scotch that can be easily removed from even paper walls. By placing butterflies in some sequence, they can be displayed by posters with congratulations.

You can add a drop of childhood to this magical holiday. And it'll help us in this colorful paper and scissors. They can cut mixed fish that can be placed on walls. They can be displayed by the number of years of the birthday party, and they can just revive the wall by the birthday.

For the young culprits, the celebrations on the wall can be made out of a helium balloon. The red accents in the room will attract the attention of the child and cause incredible admiration. The balloon palm can hide real bananas in its branches. Babies and bees can be removed from the wall and turned in their hands, you can even let them fly. My balls, joy and admiration will bring such a decoration.

The symbolistic idea of stealing the wall to the birthday is a poster with a characteristic inscription. You can buy in a store. You can do it manually or paint on the wall if it's not pathetic. The letters can be made either voluminous or artificial, bush, straw and butterflies. It's very beautiful, bright and traditional. It's not too much, just a laconic blend.

An interesting way to steal the wall is through the garlands. Elements of its constituents are taken to their discretion. They may be flat, voluminous, single-ton or multi-coloured. It depends on the wishes of the perpetrator.