Покраска стен в квартире: дизайн, фото примеров, модные тенденции

Wall Painting

Examples of the painting of the walls in the apartment: how to create a bright and original decor that, if desired, can be hidden from the outside eye

In the photo:

Svetlana Krasnova, designer of Svetlana Krasnova, bidder for the " Basic Conceptual Interrier: A bright idea " on the website

This project is a clear example of how special high-technology paint for the walls in the apartment helps to achieve the effect of an amazing transformation of the living space. In the daylight, nothing in the room distracts her young owner from normal business. The interrier is held in calm and brown tones with little color accent. The space of 13 square metres is very concise and functional. However, the design of painting walls in the apartment contains an original solution. The inclusion of a special black light in the dark time of the day turns the wall into a huge window, followed by the lights of New York. The fascinating spirit of the panorama, visible in the long distance of the statue of freedom, the great Empire State Building... All of this creates an amazing atmosphere conducive to both relaxation at the end of the saturated day and building on the upcoming fun of night urban life. This project demonstrates modern ways of painting walls in the apartment to achieve the effect of magical transformation of space. An invisible fluorescent paint for the walls in the apartment was used for the swamp. Such a decision makes interesting ideas of paint. walls in the apartmentwhich, if desired, will allow for a fundamental change in the species and “building” of individual zones.