Негорючие материалы для отделки стен от компании «Унипрок» - СПб

Wall Separation Materials

I guess there's not a single person who's never heard of the loft style. Designors don't stop inspiring the contrast, courage and brightness of this popular style. The main principle of the loft is the combination of rough separation of the premises with modern or synthetic furniture. The mandatory condition is large spaces, high ceilings and lack of internal walls. All of this is going to squeeze us into an industrialization style that becomes a solid foundation for furniture and accessories. Even a normal leather couch in this atmosphere acquires history and luxury, and the painting of an unknown artist will look like he left the hammer of a famous auction.

The well-known principle of work, from the private to the private, dictates algorithms and the creation of interfaces. In other words, in order to create an interface in the loft style, we need to start by planning the room and preparing it for life, selecting the floor and walls. I do. separation of walls It deserves separate attention, which we will focus more on. Svetlana Jurkovaour permanent expert, will help us figure this out.

Svetlana Jurkov is a private intern designer with experience over 10 years. A multi-faceted participant in specialized teleprojects, the author of media columns, an invited expert on business portal design. In the Portfolio of Svetlana Yurkova, private apartments and houses ranging from 30 to 500 m2 in classical style, al-deco style and provans.


The top accent of the loft is a brick. It is not necessarily necessary that all the walls be from the brick or its simulation, it may well be one wall, combined with others, on which the thing has been done (not ideally straight, but with negligent " defects " ) or they may be painted in cold colour.

The natural red brick or the brick is the choice behind you, every color looks good in its way. For example, a white brick expands space, fills it with light, and red looks more cozy. A smart and very fashionable solution is the black matte color of the brick. It could be one wall, or even a part thereof, but under such a background, gold and copper accessories will benefit.

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